Setting You Free

by: davidseth

Sat Aug 13, 2011 at 19:41:55 PM EDT

If you love a blog, if you love it, set it free.  Free, free, set it free.  And so, Writing In the Raw, I am setting you free.

I wrote about this before back in May.  But indications of the blog's survival arose.  So I continued.  And then, there were the past three months, the lingering, the hovering, the entropy, and, of course, the silence.  And so the time has come for me.  I am letting you go.

I am no longer holding on to you so you can fly peacefully away.  

This is my thank you for being there for me.  Gracias por todos.  And this is my despedida, my farewell. Adios.

davidseth :: Setting You Free
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Setting You Free | 2 comments
I too have not (8.50 / 2)
had the energy to keep WITR afloat, I have barely kept my own alive.

I do miss you all, though.

Masslass I hope you are well, and hope you drop by wwl once in a while. pfior8, I still don't understand why you abandoned this project, but hope your real life reasons are keeping you happy as you deserve to be - which is grandly happy.

Melvin, I know you have tried valiantly. Jess, you too are a dear heart.

You all know where to find me. Its been a hard year for many of us, not just me... and I bid you well.

Visit me at my homepage too: The Wild Wild Left - Cross post if you will!

nice post (0.00 / 0)
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Setting You Free | 2 comments
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