Tiga... far from home

by: pfiore8

Sun Jan 22, 2012 at 13:03:06 PM EST

pfiore8 :: Tiga... far from home
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Got your email. (9.00 / 1)
Just dropping by to say hello and seek some advice.  I might be going to India in March.  Any ideas on what to wear?  It's a business trip.  

i have no idea. (0.00 / 0)
however, will you be stopping in the netherlands? then you can come for dinner and we can discuss wardrobe!

i mean, doesn't anybody go to Amsterdam for business anymore???????????

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I doubt if I'll make the netherlands this trip. (9.00 / 1)
However, if I'm ever anywhere near you on a pleasure trip, I'll be certain to make plans with you.  Will be semi-retiring  this May and looking forward to some travel.  Would love to do the 30 countries in 30 days routine :D (unlikely to ever return), but I don't have a clue how to set about doing it without costing an arm and a leg.  I have family on my mom's side that I've never met in Ischia, Italy. Dad hails from Sicily.  Husband's roots are German and French.    Amsterdam, Paris, and Ischia would definitely be some of the trips I would like to take.  Open to any insights or suggestions you or anyone else can make.  

Nice to see everyone again.      

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Ischia is the island next to Capri? (10.00 / 1)
i have been to Capri, but have heard the island near it is even better...

I'd love to offer you lodging for a weekend... and then you could hop on the fast train to Paris (under 4 hours)...

While I live 40 minutes from Amsterdam, it is not the first place I'd bring you. So you could find a b&b there, do the city, then come to me on the weekend... Leiden is fabulous... lots of canals, great small museums... and near Delft and Utrecht.

maybe we could experiment with you and do a dKos / witr Europe thing and find lodging for a few nights in different places... I know there are several expats here on dKos...

i've come to realize less is more when traveling. too much over stimulation and you miss what you've seen. slow it down, take it in... Paris, Rome, Dublin, Brugge, Berlin, Antwerpen... Valencia ahhhhh... and then some smaller places, like Heidelberg and Aachen in Germany. Or villages in Donegal or Wicklow... oh, and Assisi and Perugia in Umbria...

find apartments so you can cook evening meals and breakfast. go out for lunch... in most places, better value for money. i can give you some good links!

let me know if you're ever here!

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Easy for you to do - you live there. (9.00 / 1)
It takes us forever just to get there so we can put a foot on civilized soil.  

Thank you for all of your generous offers.   I may take you up on it for me or my number one grandson.  Kevin turned 18 this week, and he is a sophmore at Michigan State University, chemical-physics is his major.  As part of his research job, he might be taking a trip to Ghana this summer.  I think his project has something to do with clean water, but I'm not sure.  Anyway, he's pursuing his first grant to help pay for the trip.  While exploring it, we found that all the airlines from Detroit to Ghana stop in Amsterdam or Frankfurt going and coming.   I've suggested he spend a couple of days in whichever city his travel takes him to before joining the second leg of the trip to Ghana. Who knows if he'll ever make it back to Europe, and at least he'll get to see a bit of it.  Who knew.  When I encouraged him to travel, Europe is what I had in mind.  He would love to spend time in Europe, but so far his education led him to New Zealand and now possibly Ghana.   If he does make it to Europe, it would be nice to know he was safe with someone who could show him the ropes.  

Do you think it's better to rent an apartment for one month and then travel around Europe from there?  If you had two - four weeks, how would you approach it knowing it may be the first and last time there?  

Thanks, P8.  

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if he flies into Amsterdam, (0.00 / 0)
he's welcome here for sure for a few days. i'll check with my step kids, but there are places he can stay while wandering around... young people offer their couch and in return, if they travel to your area, you give them your couch for a couple of days.

does he speak any other language? coming to The Netherlands and Belgium are good places because everybody speaks English. it's a good way to start.

renting an apartment is also a good idea, but there may be cheaper alternatives... like hostels and such. but like I said, let me check with my step kids as they've traveled from here to Berlin, Prague, Budapest...

will any other family visit? if so, the apt idea gets better.

but we'd be very happy to have him start out his journey with us...

the best advice: decide where you want to go and what you want to see...

where in Ghana will he be? i have friends who have family there. they work with mothers and babies...

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Accra I think, but he doesn't know for sure yet. (9.00 / 1)
If Kevin shows up, it will just be a day or two.  

Again, thanks for all of your interest and generous offers.  

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well, tell Kevin he is welcome here (0.00 / 0)
if he flies into Amsterdam!

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Less is more! (19.00 / 1)
I am amazed at the things people feel the need to pack when traveling to Europe. It isn't Mars - they have underwear and socks for sale if you need extra. What you most likely need are plugins to mate the electric sockets with whatever pet devices you are traveling with.

I am the worst traveler. "What did you do in Ireland?" Well, I went for a walk. For a month. And met some interesting folks. My usual m.o. is to obsessively plan for a month ahead of time, itineraries and schedules, and then when I land throw it all out the window and see what happens.

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you could come visit me, you know. (8.00 / 1)
have you been in The Netherlands before? I live in a very cool place.

and you'd like my husband! and my dog! and my interesting step children.

i don't know. some day you or jess or ucc will get here... masslass loved it.

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No, never the Netherlands. (6.00 / 2)
I have visited Glasgow, Munich, Florence and Torino with some side trips and aimless wandering. And London of course, if I had endless piles of money I would live in London but it is so expensive. The part of Europe I would really like to visit is Galicia and Asturias in NW Spain, but that's just the Celt coming out I suppose.

I am picturing you in a Vermeer. Do you ever sport pearl earrings?

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as a matter of fact (8.00 / 1)
i look good in pearls.

you'd like Leiden.

i loved ireland...  london was okay. but only there a few days. need to go with someone who knows it.

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YAYYYYY! (9.00 / 1)
glad to see you all back. missed u!

Visit me at my homepage too: The Wild Wild Left - Cross post if you will!

it was like walking out of a black hole. (0.00 / 0)
i think the last straw was masslass. not to give out, but to come back... i've been rereading some of our comment threads and her even-tempered and sound comments. and her dry humor... ha!

i realized that i wanted to be here. it just will be harder without her around.

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Wow! Welcome back! (9.00 / 1)
Happy you returned.

thank you davidseth. (10.00 / 1)
you turned out to be a real surprise during those months.

i'm glad you're here and thank you for your concern and support.

i'll do better this time around!

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