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by: nippersdad

Mon May 28, 2012 at 14:14:13 PM EDT

So, as I am the only one here, king of the blog so to speak, I think I shall just chat amongst myselves for a while. So, shall we?

Why yes, we shall.

Personality #1:

Why the hell is Corrente Wire so difficult to sign up for? They claim to be the blog that "no one wants to read", but in actuality it is the blog that no one can join. Every time they have a mystery plant, I'm all like "Oooh! Oooh! I know that one! I go through the rigamarole only to find that both my e-mail and screen name are already taken, but are not recognized. What is all that about?

Personality number two:

Well, obviously, they don't like you. This is their way of banning your contribution about asparagus ferns from the internets.

Personality #1:

Think so? Well, why the hell do they ask questions that they have no interest in having answered? How evil can one be talking about Black Gum trees?

Personality no. III:

It is not the Black Gum trees and asparagus ferns that we tend to get evil about, silly. Face it; we have a rep.

Personality # 1:

Oh yeah? Well, lemme just say that that Lambert Strether dude is far more evil than any of us are. He could give us lessons...lovely, lovely lessons on how to be evil on the internets. Something I would gladly pay him for...if one could ever contact him.

Personality number two:

You are evil.

Personality no. III:

I agree, he is evil.

Personality #1:

Okay, but we can at least all agree that we are beautiful, right?

Personality numbers two and III in unison:

This is true.

Personality no. III:

It is, after all, better to be beautiful on the outside than it is to be beautiful on the inside.

All personalities together:


Personality no. III:

I didn't realize that some of us weren't human!

Personality number 1:

Man, Don't mess with Mr. kitty. He has claws!

Moving on.

nippersdad :: Hmm hm hm
Personality no. III

OMG! It is so hot out there. How hot is it, you ask? It is so hot that my car tires are melting...or I need to put some air in them. It is too hot to go out and check.

Maybe tomorrow.

Or the next day.

Sometime soon, anyway.

Personality number 1:

Meh, next week will be soon enough.

Personality #2:

I wish someone would get all of this shit off of the bed; we barely have room to move and Miss Wifie will be annoyed when she returns to find this mess.

Personalities 1 & III:

Go for it!

Personality no. III:

Except for the books.

Personality number 1:

...and the crackers, we need those.

Personality #2:

But that is the whole mess, except for all of the clothes.

Personality numbers 1 and III (together):

Oh, and we will need those too./Don't take the clothes!

Personality #2:

So, we are agreed, at least, that we need to keep the beer?.........................

Wow! look at all of the time we killed; we should do this every day.

No, that would be self indulgent and wrong.

Maybe we need a picture of something?

The last time you did that you didn't rotate it and it looked funny.

and so on and so forth.

So, how are all of your personalities doing?

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