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by: jessical

Thu Jun 07, 2012 at 22:18:02 PM EDT

If you watched this as a child.  I didn't expect to like it. Not enough to toss it up and look like an especially eager meme-hound.

But really.  

jessical :: Meme For Today
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Meme For Today | 8 comments
where I grew up... (9.00 / 1) was much more likely to be Mr. Dressup, but I still managed to see a lot of Mr. Rogers over the years.  I was a narcisstic fast verbal little kid and I didn't "get" Mr. Rogers.  Clearly I should have paid more attention and it seems like it must have been a kinder, much kinder time.

comes to full stop. (9.00 / 1)
i wish i had...

simplify... writing in the rAw

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Before I put this up... (11.00 / 1)
...I thought, well, we're all pretty intermittent, and this could be up for weeks.  And then I thought, heck, Fred Rogers had 30 years, so a few more weeks might be good.

I was inspired  to do the customary google search.  I did not know that he was a trained musician, though it makes sense - when he is autotuned and speeded up, its a gain, and still clearly him speaking, and there is an underlying coherence an autotuner cannot provide.  I also did not know he was the puppeteer behind the puppets (though I should have remembered this, but like I said...more Mr. Dressup than Mr. Rogers in my childhood, back before cable, when even the one american TV station had its main advertising offices in Vancouver.  No social medicine for me, but all my strongest childhood cultural referents are Canadian).  

Above all, this could be my mom speaking, or my dad.  A lifetime in education, and it has never been more than a moment between the idea that the imagination must be nourished and thd idea of empathy and good heart.  When I saw this I thought...that may be the single most radical thing america has ever put on television.  Rewatching it this morning...I still think so.

that's fantastic... really. (8.00 / 1)
When I saw this I thought...that may be the single most radical thing america has ever put on television.  Rewatching it this morning...I still think so.

just never thought of it that way. but wow... what if you are right?  

simplify... writing in the rAw

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what ends authoritarianism... (0.00 / 0)
...for any one individual is, I think, the ability to think for themselves, to recognize their own truth as real and important.  An act of imagination, always.  And so at core I believe with all my heart that nothing is more radical or profound than enabling another person to imagine and create.  Ideally when they are young enough to build on it, but it counts for everybody.  And then: to live with that truth and not have to hide it or lie to themselves.

For societies and elections and the day to day conditions of life...well sure, lots of other things come into play.  But it begins with imagination, with independent intellectual life.

There are conservative people with active intellectual lives, but not very many of them are tea party style authoritarians.  And there are imaginative people who fall in love with their own bullshit, but that's a different issue.

Jessica on a soapbox...heh.  But yeah, I think there are reasons why teachers are demonized by the right as vanguards of secularism.  Where all the ideas are received truth,  growing ideas in the garden of your mind is way, way worse than growing pot.

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Meme For Today | 8 comments
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