Swift boating OWS: Aurora gunman is Black Bloc member

by: pfiore8

Fri Jul 20, 2012 at 14:42:25 PM EDT

What a terrible sad desperate day. And I am so sorry for all of those caught up in the madness of James E. Holmes, the young man in custody for the rampage in Aurora, Colorado.

As though these murders in the Century 16 movie theater isn't enough, the vampires are already looking for soft spots to exploit.

It appears that the unholy have assigned Sarasota PI Bill Warner the task of swift-boating the OWS movement, asserting (without any facts) that the Aurora shooter is an Occupy Wall Street (OWS) Black Bloc member.

As far as I know and from everything I've read, OWS completely disavows the Black Bloc, its tactics and methods. And, at this point, there is absolutely nothing that connects the shooter to either OWS or those who engage in Black Bloc tactics. But lack of evidence or facts isn't stopping the rush to post Warner's allegations as facts.

This makes my skin crawl. We need to be cool, respond correctly. We can't allow this kind of posturing to divide us any more than we already are.

This just makes my skin crawl.  

pfiore8 :: Swift boating OWS: Aurora gunman is Black Bloc member
This tells me all I need to know about Mr. Warner:

Private Detective Bill Warner is a member of the FBI Partner InfraGard and has worked as a Confidential Informant (CI) for Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the U.S. Secret Service on smuggled stolen cars scam and money laundering cases.

I guess we ought to be getting ready for the onslaught. How do we disarm this?

No time even to grieve??? No time to just be part of America and mourn for these people? wow.

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No fear. The facts won't support such assertions. (9.00 / 1)
Random thoughts I've had, in not particular order:

Reminded me of the Texas Tower sniper.  Charles Whitman had an undiagnosed brain tumor that at a minimum would have been a tipping point for him.

Holmes' undergrad degree with honors in neuroscience.  Was the choice because it's really interesting or a desire to understand/heal himself and or family?  As a neuroscience psych prof of mine once said, the more you know about the brain, the spookier it gets.  Had Holmes gotten to the spooky part and was unable to handle it?

He earned his undergrad 6/10 and began his grad program 6/11.  Some one reported that Holmes had had difficulty finding employment.  If he's like many young people today, he may have graduated from UCR with a huge amount of debt and when he couldn't find a job, doubled down and took on more debt to go to grad school.  That didn't work out, now more in debt and no more employable.


i hope you're right. (10.00 / 1)
i just found it so shocking when i ran across this crap.

how are you doing Marie???

simplify... writing in the rAw

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I'm okay. Was concerned the silence (0.00 / 0)
here reflected more than blogging/political exhaustion.

wrt US mass murders, little said in the first 48 hours is lasting.  We all know the drill for these horrific events.  Some moan, "Why?"  Others promote their favorite answer regardless of any facts.  A public candlelight vigil is held. And then the incident is forgotten by all but those directly harmed because the perp is always determined to be a nutcase and not an individual operating sanely within the context of larger and dangerous communities.    

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If you wouldn't mind and are so inclined, (0.00 / 0)
would you add the comment below to Hunter's piece:

Almost all US construction contractors are Republicans.  Even some owned and operated by some very decent people.  Many donate to the AGC-PAC.  AGC donations for the the 2012 election cycle to date:

They seem to believe that Republicans would never cut off the flow of public works projects but they would get rid of all those regulations such as OSHA and unions, and keep income taxes low when they earn big profits.


Thanks Pam

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Ahmad (0.00 / 0)
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