why romney has not conceded... yet

by: pfiore8

Wed Nov 07, 2012 at 00:55:36 AM EST

US Elections Live: Hour after networks call, Romney yet to concede
Typically the defeated concedes before the winner speaks. One theory is that he (Romney) isn't willing to concede, the other is that he doesn't have a concession speech.
pfiore8 :: why romney has not conceded... yet
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Hour following mazes stop, Romney but to yield Normally the defeated capitulates ahead essay writing the victor perorates. Person principle is that he (Romney) isn't voluntary to give, the further is that he doesn't contain a admission monologue.

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I just wish that the TV coverage open their mouth and tell everyone who believe have won before the poll is closed. I got a feeling that I will go to sleep and open my eye next morning to learn who is the winner.
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