Arthur Silber takes Taibbi to the woodshed on Iran

by: Compound F

Sun Feb 19, 2012 at 02:05:32 AM EST


Holy Piccolo Pete and my blood-curdly-caked external meatus in the ululating shrillness of the dark wilderness where the straight way was lost!  Sending Arthur money was the best hundred bucks I ever spent!   I'm actually considering getting some sort of job to proceed with regular tithing to his cathedral of tears.

Obviously, we all owe Matt Taibbi an eternal debt of gratitude for his ongoing savage humiliation of the Nancy capitalists who continue destroying our lives.  It's fair to say he got under the flinty thin skin of these epicurean dealmakers.  I bow deeply in Taibbi's direction for his regular savagery against their felonious assaults upon democracy, and for writing one of the best extended phrases ever written in the Mother Tongue.

However, Arthur Silber rightly castigates Taibbi for parroting the official US/Israeli government lines that "Ahmadinejad is nuts."  "He can't be allowed to have nukes!"  "Something must be done!"  If you ever actually listen to, say, an interview of Ahmadinejad by Charlie Rose, you would rightly conclude that "Charlie Rose is nuts."  

Also, if you pay any attention to such news, you would also rightly conclude that "Uncle Sam is nuts," "The New York Times is nuts,"  "Diane Sawyer and Brian Ross are nuts,", "Erin Burnett is nuts," and so on.  Any casual brush with history would inform you of these elementary facts.

I urge you to read Arthur's spat-out of Taibbi's harmful Pavlovian regurgitation of neoconservative crop milk.

Compound F :: Arthur Silber takes Taibbi to the woodshed on Iran
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they are all nuts (6.50 / 2)
But be nice to the nancy capitalists.  We can join the army now :} (well, I can't, but the other nancies can).

Yes (7.00 / 3)
Free to be wholly co-opted units of United General Indusstrial Inc.

Decline to Sign Ref 74 but vote to approve

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and LMAO (9.00 / 1)
you're funny.

simplify... writing in the rAw

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i guess we all have our blind spots. (19.00 / 1)
even the cool headed ones can cave to the fear mongering.

still. USA stands as only one unleashing this on civilians. and stomping into Iraq (recently) on pretext.

so. who's scarier? crazier?

fuck it. let's get drunk.

simplify... writing in the rAw

It is amazing how insidious the art of propagandizing (19.00 / 1)
can be. We (as a nation) always seem to be walking into situations cheerfully, wholeheartedly, that we soon see to have been misguided; by which time it is far too late. It has never been truer than in today's reality of disaster capitalism that one must follow the money to see where the truth really lies.

We excel at the art of creating our own problems. Critical thinking, even with regard to those we hold in high esteem (maybe even especially), has never been more important. Thanks for pointing that out!

i call it the (7.00 / 1)
death and destruction economy...  

simplify... writing in the rAw

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Those would definitely be the best descriptors! (7.00 / 1)
Our entire economy seems to be based upon one or the other these days. I saw earlier that one of the R candidates (Gingrich, I think) is saying that if Obama is reelected we will go the way of Greece. Seemingly without irony.

Now that the little fish are all but gone, the big fish are starting to eat each other. :)

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nice post (0.00 / 0)
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