Occupy - the grey and the green

by: melvin

Sun Mar 11, 2012 at 16:50:16 PM EDT

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Grau, theurer Freund, ist alle Theorie, Und grĂ¼n des Lebens goldner Baum

You were waiting for it.

The Journal for Occupied Studies

The JOS operates for the radicalisation of this struggle, at the place between past and future, theory and praxis. We hope the analyses and testimonies it offers valorize, prolong, and intensify this fight  .  .  .  .

I know of no flesh and blood person who uses the term "valorize" and sure enough editor Sophie Lewis

.  .  .  is a cyborgian revolutionary assemblage from various European locations. She currently reads politics and attempts to dream up an ecology without nature.

Now that, ladies, gentlemen, and assemblages, is how you connect with the working class.


melvin :: Occupy - the grey and the green
still I rather enjoy her As Odious as the Word Occupy - odi et amo, you might say.

It's a common and true observation on the right that all available space, as Revolutionary Assemblage Lewis would say, is occupied by official overseers of one kind or another. Nothing is left to civic life, everything is subject to litigation - like the little Christmas pageant in my little town. Where was the harm?

Must it all be occupied and colonized by theory as well?

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It's my old flag, homespun of oatmeal, (12.50 / 4)
yes, grey. I know, you can't run off to the asteroid belt. But I want to.

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Wow, that rhetoric is all over the map! (7.50 / 2)
Off the map as well; isn't Praxis a Klingon moon that we will not discover for another couple of hundred years? (I couldn't find it in my dictionary, either)

This assemblage agrees, it would have been far better to have said that they would "...prolong and intensify this valorous fight". They seem to write as though they are from an as-yet undiscovered country. :)

Praxis was actually my stop on the bus. (10.50 / 2)
It is the term theoroids use to refer to action, real life, those esoteric kinds of notions.

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What an interesting bus stop to have! (9.00 / 1)
Mine were always much more prosaic.

O/T, but did you see that I finally got you your picture of a camellia that is not a camellia? Silly of me, but I am just inordinately proud of this technical feat.

Y'all do this so easily! It is really not fair. :(

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Yes I saw - very nice! (11.00 / 1)
It's like a lot of these things. Cooking, whatever. I don't know anything about cars and was always very intimidated until a friend told me I just had to fix this Volvo transmission - he was sick and time was short - so I did, on the kitchen table. These little slip gears, it is all quite understandable once you see it.

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You have a very lucky friend! (0.00 / 0)
My neighbor fixed the clutch on our brand new '93 (POS) Ford truck for us in December, and I watched him do it. There really is more to it than that for a lot of us...well, me, anyway.

Sometimes I close my eyes and meditate upon the lacunae in my brain to the point where I can actually visualize them in an almost out of body type of way. Swiss cheese brain sez to himself: "That one is where chemistry is supposed to reside, that one math, that one Ford (POS) truck transmissions...pictures on computers..." Someday I will shock the scientific community with the sheer number of voids I have managed to live with in the ol' grey matter.

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that comment is a very sweet one and reminds me so much (0.00 / 0)
of masslass.

when we first met over at Docudharma, she sent me a private e-mail asking for help in posting pictures and youtube vids.

i remember the few back and forth and my attempts to explain it... she didn't let it go until finally i refined all the blah blah blah enough to make it as simple as it really is.

first, i'd suggest creating a PHOTOBUCKET account, where you can upload pictures from either your computer or straight from the web.

- i can turn the word photobucket into a link in this comment by first placing a bracket [
- then add the url http://photobucket.com/ without a space
- then hit spacebar so there is a space between url and the site name (this is important)
- then close with bracket ]

so you have photobucket

or if you're writing about the lenten rose you can just make the lenten rose a link exactly as above.

simplify... writing in the rAw

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at least praxis (11.00 / 2)
has some good solid pre pomo history :}  Practice, simply.  And in a socialist context, what we do to bring about change in society in real time(Marx used it, and Engels).  Unlike many of the made up words the pomo types use, it has both a specific and a historical meaning, & not a sucky one...

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Praxis makes perfect (8.00 / 1)
Yes, Gramsci was at home with the term.. But that is all Europe, steeped in theory. Coming from NYC - coming from the New School frankly - it sounds like Romney discovering catfish and grits. Gramsci had dirt under his fingernails; it makes all the difference.

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in defense of the new school... (9.00 / 1)
...the do teach things other than pomo.   One of my fave ever bosses as an alum and got a lot out of their design program.  But yeah :}

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My dictionary is now dead to me. (4.00 / 2)
I don't remember ever hearing the word once in my political science courses. I think I should get my money back, and read more about it on the internets.

So, what does pomo mean? Y'all are just a wealth of arcane information tonight!  

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via med. L. from Gk, lit. 'doing', from prattein 'do'. (9.00 / 1)
or so says my customary internet dictionary.  I am guessing you were spared Marxists.  

To be fair I only know it because they made us read Engels and Freire, and because Kim Stanley Robinson used it in one of his books :}  Because of the Robinson connection, I ended up writing a truly awful paper about Laviola.  I kind of like the word, and don't think I need to be a European intellectual to find it useful :}  But to blather about how one's journal lies "between theory and praxis" is just irritating :}  Especially since Marxists use of the word has the connotation of not only practice, but process, and it carries some heavy freight, sort of going out and doing good and educating the masses and such.  I don't think a good classical marxist would actually have anything between theory and praxis: I think they would bleed into each other like capillaries and skin. To sit between them would be to be a sort of cancer.  But my paper was indeed awful and that is as far as I go.

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Well, it certainly doesn't sound like it was awful. (9.00 / 1)
FWIW, that sounded very illuminating to me and I wouldn't mind reading it for myself. I do remember reading Marx but just cannot remember any Engels. The only thing coming to mind under that heading is how he defrauded his Father's business to allow Marx the allowance which kept a roof over his head.

The things one remembers. :)

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Occupy Theory! (13.00 / 2)
I wonder what all those wonderful minds would have accomplished if not convinced by a generation of pomo hawkers that obscurantist bullshit was a discipline.

At least they could do it in french.  It would still be bullshit, but it would be pretty, poetic bullshit.

I like the "ecology without nature" idea; (15.00 / 1)
it reminds me of "colorless green ideas sleeping furiously."

Perhaps Sophie Lewis (19.00 / 1)
has been cribbing from the Postmodernism Generator.

Refresh the page and enjoy it all over again!

I suggest bookmarking it.  You never know when you might run across some gibberish requiring an erudite rebuttal.

I like that one too (19.00 / 1)
As a student of the sciences, I'd like to say that all those pomo bastards are full of crap. Unfortunately I have found Foucault, goddess help me, quite useful in my own thinking, de temps en temps.  Unfortunately it wasn't a road that a generation of academics could productively follow -- he wasn't establishing a grand discipline, he was throwing paint.  Sometimes he threw it right in the fucking eyes of authority and power, which is a thrill.  But in search of the uncolonized word, we have simply found the unintelligble, and completely fucked the humanities in the process. And the sciences as well -- in the course of the divorce, the house burned down.

Mileage varies.  As you noted in my diary today, I am in a mood.  School is a panopticon, the clinic, the machine.  

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