What Happened?

by: davidseth

Fri Jun 01, 2012 at 20:41:22 PM EDT

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So here we are. Two essays since May 12.

This makes me so very sad. What happened to us? What happened here?

Are we finished?  

davidseth :: What Happened?
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What Happened? | 7 comments
To quote Chris Floyd: (8.00 / 1)
I must, at last, admit defeat. I simply have no words, no rhetorical ammunition, no conceptual frameworks that could adequately address the total moral nullity exposed in Monday's New York Times article on the death squad that Barack Obama is personally directing from the White House.

Except he found some words, and I see FUBAR in most issues in the US and world.

Thankfully Floyd has found the fortitude to find more words to remind us what Willard said in 2008:

Anyway, here he is: Mitt Romney, same as he ever was. For despite all their brazen flip-flops, our rulers remain admirably consistent in their core -- indeed, their hardcore -- belief: the maintenance and expansion of elite power and privilege ... by any means necessary.
Europe -- Europe is facing a demographic disaster. That's the inevitable product of weakened faith in the Creator, failed families, disrespect for the sanctity of human life, and eroded morality.
The threat to our culture comes from within. In the 1960s, there were welfare programs that created a culture of poverty in our country. Now, some people think we won that battle when we reformed welfare. But the liberals haven't given up. At every turn, they tried to substitute government largess for individual responsibility. They fight to strip work requirements from welfare, to put more people on Medicaid, and remove more and more people from having to pay any income tax whatsoever. Dependency is death to initiative, risk-taking and opportunity. Dependency is culture killing. It's a drug. We've got to fight it like the poison it is.

The ignorance -- and inhumanity - of this statement is breathtaking. Think of it: there was no poverty in the United States until "liberals" came along in the 1960s and "created" it with their welfare programs. (Before this "culture of poverty" was created, apparently, the few poor people in America just died off discreetly, like Russians, instead of hanging around a bit longer on government handouts, the way they do now, the shiftless, no-good wretches. Oh yeah, and they breed a lot too, more than white folks.)

What's really pathetic is that this isn't new in this country -- the rubes have been falling for and getting behind one of the two parties that have no interest in the people.

Have you signed the "no kill list" petition yet? (0.00 / 0)
An opportunity for a good shaming should not be tossed aside lightly these days, IMHO.

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heh David (14.00 / 2)
No, but I'm finishing the quarter, having my first el cheapo mini vacation in 2 years right after, and am generally a grumpy bitch in every important way.  Ebb and flow...

Well, I hope not... (14.00 / 1)
I have really enjoyed having a space in which to write the escapist, trivial nonsense which helps to keep me from thinking about the new realities we are faced with.

I liked your last essay and should have said so at the time, but it was so very bleak. I just can't handle that kind of stuff anymore. It is just all too real...

sometimes one can't help being quiet. (8.00 / 1)
maybe it's dumbfounded horror.  maybe it's shutting up long enough to concentrate, to free conscious space long enough to hear ancient stirrings amid the din.  The current trajectory is the most fucked-up I've seen or perceived the world; and I'm not even going to unpack that statement; but like marie2, I'm thankful for those who haven't gone temporarily mute.

hokey smoke! (10.00 / 1)
This place was vibrant when I first posted here a few months ago.

A similar thing has been happening over at My Left Wing. A contributor there was banned after pissing off and driving off a lot of contributors. There was a brief renaissance immediately after the banishment, then things went quiet but not silent like Writing In The Raw.

Is it something bigger than these individual blogs?

Ahmad (0.00 / 0)
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What Happened? | 7 comments
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